Massage Services

  • Aromatherapy involves using pure essences of aromatic plants (essential oils) in combination with the healing value of touch. The beneficial properties of these oils treat common ailments, and promote good health and well being. Natural plant oils are used for psychological and physical well-being. Aromas act upon the emotional center in the brain (limbic system) which governs the way we feel. Every aspect of your life is enhanced!
  • Swedish: Increases circulation, relaxes body structure and relieves stressful feelings through rhythmic strokes and movements towards the heart. Swedish Massage is the most widely used type of massage therapy. Firm but gentle pressure using oil along the entire body is used to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. Massage oil is used on the skin to relieve muscle tensions, and to increase blood and lymphatic circulation. Your job is to relax. Our job is to "knead out the knots"! Stroke away your stress, treat your tension to a vacation! 
  • Neuromuscular Therapy: Relieves pain, increases motion and decreases swelling and stiffness associated with muscular pain. Myotherapy works well for chronic pain and recent injuries.
  • Sports Massage: Uses Swedish movements with pressure point techniques to prevent injury, improve performance and aid recovery. More brisk and vigorous than a full-body massage, this therapy is adjusted to meet the different demands of the athlete's body before and after a workout. Sports massages are for athletes, amateur or professional, to help prepare their bodies for optimal performance, post event recovery or even for functioning for training. Perfect for Apres: hiking, biking, tennis, skiing...
  • Trigger Point Therapy: Stresses palpation for painful, tender, tight and over sensitized areas. When pressure is applied or the muscle shortened, the trigger is reduced and immediate relief generally occurs. Blood flow is stimulated to the area assuring tissues of healthy oxygenated blood.
  • Chair Massage:
  • Hand/Foot Reflexology: Technique of applying pressure to the hands and feet, targeting other parts of the body. This technique is also known as zone theorapy.
  • Craniosacral Massage: An extremely light touch is used to manipulate the craniosacral system: spine, pelvis and head.
  • Facial Massage: Facial massage is used to achieve healther, younter looking skin and slow down the aging process. Applying light pressure to the jaw, cheek and other areas on the face can release tension, stress and relax the mind and body.
  • Pre-natal Massage / Pregnancy Massage(pre/post): Pre-natal massage is a light touch therapy treatment focused on areas of the body that have physical discomfort, joint and muscular tension and pressure.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: Similar to Swedish Massage, but more intense and pressure on the tissue and muscles.
  • Hot Stone Massage: Black volcanic stones are heated up between 120-150 degrees and placed on the body along tight muscles and/or the spine. During so, the massage therapist will preform a soothing Swedish Massage.
  • Trigger Point Therapy: Technique that involves the applying of pressure to tender muscle tissue in order to relieve pain and dysfunction in other parts of the body.


  1. You'll be much more comfortable if you don't eat for a couple of hours before the massage.
  2. You can start the relaxation process even before the massage by taking a hot shower, bath or sauna first. You'll also feel better knowing you're clean and fresh.
  3. When the Therapist leaves the room, undress to your comfort level and place yourself under the top sheet. Being draped by linens honors both the modesty of client and practitioner.
  4. Take off jewelry that could cause scratching and interfere with having a smooth massage.
  5. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, remove them so that it's safe to massage around your eyes. It will also help you relax more.
  6. If you're concerned about getting oil on your hair, pin it up and have the therapist place cloth over it, but don't miss out on a head massage.
  7. Let the therapist know whether you have any sore or sensitive areas so they may work more gently or avoid them altogether. Communication with regards to your comfort level is essential.
  8. Try to keep from chatting. Being quiet will allow you to "tune in" to your experience more fully and relax more deeply.Please don't hesitate to give the therapist feedback regarding the pressure that is comfortable for you or to ask a question related to your session.
  9. LET THE THERAPIST DO ALL THE WORK. Don't help by lifting your head, arms or legs. You'll get more out of the massage when you 'completely surrender'.
  10. Drop any guilty thoughts about the time and money going into your massage. You deserve to take good care of yourself.
  11. Even if your therapist doesn't suggest it, take a few deep breaths at the beginning of the session to help you slow down and get centered.