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Massage is one of life's greatest pleasures as well as being a natural and effective pain reliever. Massage should be a part of a healthy, preventative life style; in fact, in many other parts of the world it is. It is a great way to relax and deal with the hectic pace of modern daily living.

Welcome to Back In Motion Massage's website, in these pages you will find information about us, our services, community, holistic health, and well being. It is our hope that this site will prove to be of use to you in more than simply as an introduction to our services.

Being professionally trained and naturally gifted with an intuitive, skillful touch, we invite you experience the massage you've been waiting for. Our professional office is private, dimly lit and fully equipped with a luxuriously warm and comfortable massage table and soft cotton linens to help you relax during the session. Our style is slow, purposeful, energetically focused and nurturing. Although we will experience a level of intimacy during the session, the massage is non-sexual. 

In our hands you will experience balance, security and deep serenity.  A level of relaxation beyond any you have ever encountered.  Lets work together to free your body of pain, soreness and bring balance to your soul.